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Digital : Recording

Given its data capacity, speed and versatility, the Codex Onboard Recorder has quickly become a favorite among DPs and DITs. Designed for use with a wide range of cameras, including the Sony F23, F35, Arri D-21 and Alexa, the Codex can record uncompressed or wavelet cinema-quality HD images, plus audio and metadata, onto a single removable data pack (256GB to 512 GB capacity).

The Codex supports all popular video formats and speeds, from 1920 x 1080/PSF through 12-bit ARRIRAW. It has two 4:4:4 or four 4:2:2 inputs, as well as two 4:2:2 or one 4:4:4 output.There is 4-channel audio interface with AES/EBU digital audio I/O, with supported audio formats including 16/24-bit AT 48 KHZ, AES or HD-SDI embedded. And because the Codex can offload material faster than real time, it clearly expedites workflow.

Controlling the Codex is quite easy, given that the touch based control surface can be hand-held, or mounted on the left or right side of the recorder.The user interface can be run locally, or can be run remotely on a computer.

  • Panasonic P2 Storage 60GB Hard Drive
  • CD-ROM w/Drivers and Instructions
  • (2) USB Cable, Type A-B
  • (1) 7.2V Battery Charger/AC PS
  • (2) 7.2V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Written Instructions Manual

Regarded as the most versatile full production-quality HD field recorder on the market today, Panasonic's rugged and reliable AJ-HPM-110 mobile recorder/player is ideal for use in the field, mobile unit or studio. It offers master quality recording and playback in a wide range of high-definition formats, including 1080PsF/i and 720p - plus standard definition. The unit records independent-frame DVCPRO HD/50/25 and DV formats, as well as full-raster 1920 x 1080 AVC-Intra. It also offers the flexibility of up/down/cross and aspect conversion. The AJ-HPM-110's six P2 card slots allow user continuous, extended clips in sequence onto high capacity P2 cards or output an extended play-list from five mounted cards to the sixth card slot.

  • (1) Apple 17" MacBook Pro w/ 750MB internal storage
  • (1) Sonnet QIO Professional Universal Media Reader/Writer
  • (1) Sonnet Fusion F2 external eSata hard drive w/ 500MB RAID-1 Storage

Designed to facilitate quick downloading of SxS, CF and P2 storage media to an external RAID hard drive while on location or in the studio. The RAID is delivered to post, while the storage media can be returned to service. All files remain in their original format (no transcoding option).

The files can be "BYTE" verified during transfer to ensure that no data corruption has occurred.