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  • Micro Force Controller, 12V Dual Block Battery

Our 6" x 12" Clairmont Motorized Matte Box mounts on 15mm rods in front of any lens that is compatible with a 6.6" x 6.6" matte box. Inclusive with the matte box package is a motor and control, plus batteries.

We designed this matte box as a companion to our Clairmont Blink filters which were created at the request of Dante Spinotte ASC for the movie BLINK. He needed to capture the point of view of someone who had just regained their eyesight. Spinotte asked for an analog alternative to the computer generated effects that had been suggested to him. Our R&D Department came up with an answer: warped plexiglass; 6" x 12" sheets were custom melted and bubbled in varying degrees. In concert with our motorized matte box, these filters can be slid from side to side or rotated. Cascading streaks of color flow off the subject as the irregular portion of the plexiglass passes over it, a truly amazing effect.