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The Clairmont Strobe System for Arri Alexa Digital Cameras provides pulsed light at 7000 degrees Kelvin. The strobe's extremely short flash duration (1/50,000 second) is triggered when the camera is at mid-shutter. The result is a blur-free image that greatly enhances photography of moving objects at any frame rate. As an example the exposure time when using the strobe is 1000 times faster than a shutter speed of 1/50 second at 25 fps. When shooting 16x9 available frame rates and required shutter openings in degrees are; 4-60 fps @ 180 degrees, 72-96 fps @ 270 degrees and 100-115 fps @ 320 degrees. When using 4:3, 2X Anamorphic or Open Gate FPS and Shutter Openings may differ somewhat and should be tested prior to actual shooting. Each of the strobe system lamp heads come with a light stand yoke and a power pack. Any number of lamp head/power pack combinations can be used (typically 2, 3 or 4) and all will fire in perfect sync. The provided accessory case includes cables, light meter, preview box, Alexa Strobe Interface box, spare light meter batteries and spare cables. A spare flash lamp is provided in its own case. The Alexa Strobe Interface connects to any of the RS connectors on the Alexa body via the included 3 pin RS cable.

Before setting up and operating the Clairmont Strobe System, please read our Strobe System manual to ensure safe and proper operation. Even if you are in a rush, the CAUTIONS under "Power Requirements" and "System Set-up" must be observed or system damage and shock hazards will result. Set-up errors are typically inadequate ventilation and lack of a good earth ground. Additionally the Clairmont Strobe power packs must be laying flat when in use to allow for proper ventilation. An internal sensor in each power pack will prevent the pack from powering up if it is not in the correct position.

This remarkable device from the fertile mind of Fritz Gabriel Bauer (best known for creating the much-loved Moviecam and his design work on the Arricam) is a distance-measuring tool using a video target allocation display to provide real-time lens focusing. A simple calibration process after the initial set-up will allow the user to track any object with accurate focus (when employing a programmed lens) using a mouse cursor or touch-screen. By clicking on an object in the viewscreen the EasyFocus will display the distance from the focal plane to that point.

The EasyFocus has a focusing range of 6' (1.80M) to 450' (137M) and can operate in five modes to provide a variety of focus options.The operator can select the Auto Focus mode, a Ramp mode (adjustable from .05 to 9.9 seconds), Tracking mode,Manual mode or a Mapping mode which can be employed to create a topographical map of the set and is very helpful to set designers and CGI creators.

It is especially handy in rigging and crane applications. It can be used Hardwire or Wireless (using Cmotion technology) and mounted to the most popular cameras in the Clairmont Camera inventory, including the Alexa, Sony F35, Arricam Studio, Arricam Lite and Arriflex 435 with more applications currently under development.

  • Motor V+F wireless lens control
  • Includes: Motion Generator Auto Repeat of Pre-Sets
Film/Video Synchronizer
Power Converter
Power Splitter
Remote Start Extension Cable
Remote Start Switch