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Cooke 5i

Cooke 5i

  T-Stop Min Focus Mount Weight Length Front Dia Factory Ø
18mm T1.4/22 14" PL 6.67 lbs 6.73" 110mm 30mm S35mm
25mm T1.4/22 14" PL 6.56 lbs 6.97" 110mm 30mm S35mm
32mm T1.4/22 14" PL 6.12 lbs 6.97" 110mm 30mm S35mm
40mm T1.4/22 16" PL 6.07 lbs 6.97" 110mm 30mm S35mm
50mm T1.4/22 20" PL 7.11 lbs 6.97" 110mm 30mm S35mm
65mm T1.4/22 24" PL 6.78 lbs 6.97" 110mm 30mm S35mm
75mm T1.4/22 27" PL 6.58 lbs 6.97" 110mm 30mm S35mm
100mm T1.4/22 30" PL 6.36 lbs 6.97" 110mm 30mm S35mm
135mm T1.4/22 31" PL 11.2 lbs 8.6" 136mm 30mm S35mm

These true T1.4 aperture lenses cover a Super 35mm format and offer the superb optical and mechanical performance Cooke has been known for. However, the most unique aspect of the 5/i series is a focus ring that illuminates, allowing the focus puller to see in the dark and not have to rely on any outside light sources. A dimmer enables the level of illumination to be adjusted. The Cooke 5/I lenses are color balanced and compatible with other Cooke lenses, including the S4/i, Panchro by Cooke, 18-100mm T3.0 and 25-250mm T3.7 and the SK4 16mm lenses. The Cooke 5/i lenses offer an exposure range from T1.4 to T22, have a closer minimum focus than S4 lenses, and come with independent metric and footage scales.

Download the dimmer manual here.