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Sony F35 HD CineAlta

Sony F35 HD CineAlta

  • Sony F35 HD CineAlta Camera
  • SRW-1 Recorder
  • Assistants Remote Panel
  • Color Electronic Finder
  • Balance Plates: Top and Bottom
  • Support Rods: Long and Short
  • Studio Follow Focus
  • Low Bridge Lens Support

The F35 is Sony's 35MM film style digital camera that is designed for shooting both television drama and movies for the big screen. This camera is equipped with an Invar Stainless Steel Arriflex PL mount which allows changing the lenses without the need to adjust back focus on the lenses. This camera will accept the lenses with the mount for 35MM Arriflex film cameras allowing the depth of field of 35MM motion pictures. The included Sony SRW1 VTR can be docked on top of or on the back of the F35 or used remotely, providing the flexibility for use in studio, handheld or Steadicam modes. The F35 is virtually noiseless at a high gain dB setting.

  • Features one sensor 12 mega pixel the size of the Motion Picture format.
  • Records 4:4:4 up to the cameras top speed of 50 frames per second.
  • Frame rate and ramping adjustable from 1 to 50 fps
  • Accepts 35MM Arriflex PL mounted film camera lenses
  • Weighs 54 lbs. fully equipped in studio mode and 32 hand-held mode
  • VTR can be docked on camera or used remotely.