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Sony F900/3 HD

Sony F900/3 HD

  • Sony F900/3 HD Camera\
  • B/W Electronic Viewfinder
  • Balance Plate: Top and Bottom
  • Support Rods: Long and Short
  • Studio Follow Focus
  • Low Bridge Lens Support
  • Memory Stick

When the Sony F900 first became available, Clairmont's engineers made a number of important modifications to the camera to better suit it for use in the HD television and commercial world. This included reconfiguring the lens mounting system to incorporate a reinforced front plate, hardened stainless steel lens mount and improved optical block alignment-allowing lens changes without needing to back-focus and improved stability under a wide range of temperatures. Clairmont has also enhanced the viewing system, controls, and added numerous power outlets. It has proven to be an outstanding workhorse.

  • Uses Zeiss B4 mount lenses, including zooms
  • Reinforced carry-handle with Steadicam mounts and improved controls
  • Uses compact Evertz HD-SDI F9 down converter
  • Convenient Paglock onboard batteries
  • Relocated menu, shutter and white balance controls
  • Support rods to allow use of follow-focus and matte box
  • Optional motors for remote focus and iris control