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Main Photo of Panasonic Varicam 35
Additional Photo of Panasonic Varicam 35
Additional Photo of Panasonic Varicam 35
Additional Photo of Panasonic Varicam 35
Panasonic Varicam 35

Panasonic Varicam 35

  • Panasonic Varicam 35 4K Camera
  • Panasonic Varicam OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Module Battery Plate
  • Balance Plate: Top and Bottom
  • Low Bridge
  • Varicam 35 Shoulder Mount w/pad
  • Sensor Size: 24.6 x 13.0mm (maximum)
  • Resolution: 4K (4096 x 2160), UHD (3840 x 2160)
  • Frame Rate:
    • 23.94, 24, 25, 29.97 fps AVC-Intra4K 444
    • 1 - 60 fps AVC-Intra4K 422/LT
    • 60 - 120 fps AVC-Intra4K LT
  • Recording Media:
    • expressP2, microP2 for AVC Ultra
    • CODEX V-RAW recorder
  • Base ISO: 800 and 5000 (Dual)
  • Latitude: 14+ stops
  • Electronic Rolling Shutter: 1.0° - 358°
  • Varicam35 Unique Features:
    • Film-Like images at 4K resolution
    • V-Gamut: wide color gamut
    • V-Log: tuned for emotional images
    • V-709: cinematic tuned Rec 709
    • In-camera Color Grading
    • Double recorder:
      • Record ungraded 4K master with grading information
      • Record graded HD dailies and proxy simultaneously
    • Dual codec recording:
      • Simultaneously records in two different formats, codecs
    • Detachable control panel for enhanced camera flexibility
    • 3.5" LCD display panel for live preview
    • High resolution OLED electronic viewfinder (1280 x 720 pixels):
      • 38mm eyepiece lens for comfortable viewing with minimum vignetting
      • Optical zoom
      • Advanced focus assist function
    • External control via wireless LAN
    • Internal ND filters
  • Size: 13.69" L x 7.06" W x 5.66" H
  • Weight:
    • 18.3 lbs. Varicam35 body with AU-VREC1G recorder and electronic viewfinder

Panasonic Varicam 35 4K Camera Accessories

Clairmont Camera has designed and manufactured several user-friendly accessories for the Panasonic Varicam 35 4K Digital Motion Picture camera system. The components were designed by Andree Martin and manufactured by CMW Jim Lybarger and are listed below:

BP-9 Dovetail Riser

This ergonomically designed riser attaches to the bottom of the Varicam 35 4K via the Panasonic dovetail-plate that is part of the camera body. This is the same dovetail used for the Panasonic Hand Held shoulder pad assembly. When the shoulder pad is removed and the riser installed, the camera height and centering will be perfect for Arri accessories when attached to a BP-9 style balance plate top. The riser has a secure locking mechanism with a safety feature that virtually eliminates the risk of the riser and camera becoming accidentally disengaged. The position of the locking lever can be adjusted to avoid interference and provide optimum locking position. The body of the riser has multiple 3/8-16 threaded holes on both sides plus two Arri style "stars" for mounting accessories. The strategic removal of unneeded metal during manufacturing insures reduced weight with no sacrifice in functionality. The front plate of the Riser also accepts the Mini Rod Bracket if desired.

Mini Rod Bracket

This removable bracket can be quickly mounted to the front of the BP-9 Dovetail Riser when using Arri or third party accessories designed for the Arri 15mm Mini Rods. Various 15mm rods can be inserted into the two 15mm holes in the bracket and secured in place by orientable locking levers.

Top Accessory Mounting Plate

This form fit "cheese plate" follows the profile of the camera top and is securely attached to existing threaded holes by six captive Allen bolts and two built-in dowel pins. Multiple 3/8-16 threaded holes cover the top surface. A specially machined area on the front edge accepts the original Varicam 35 4K Electronic Viewfinder mounting bracket assembly with no modification required. A custom Carry Handle Front Riser is provided to facilitate attaching Varicam's original Top Carry Handle to the Top Accessory Mounting Plate. A Tape Measure Hook that has been accurately aligned with the sensor plane is located on the non-operator side.

Accessory Power Module

The Accessory Power Module is a multifunctional battery power distribution unit built into a Top Accessory Mounting Plate. It is designed to be attached to the Varicam 35's On-Board-Recorder and allows easy access to remove the LCD control panel. It can also replace the Top Accessory Mounting Plate on the camera head if desired by the crew. For example, the Accessory Power Module could be transferred from the recorder to the camera head in order to power a FIZ MDR, Cinetape, On-Board-Monitor, or other 12 to 14 volt camera accessories when using the Varicam 35 4K Extension Module for remote camera recording. Similar to the Top Accessory Mounting Plate, the Accessory Power Module is dowel pin located and attaches to the recorder or camera by four captive Allen head bolts. A dedicated area is provided for mounting the Varicam 35 4K Electronic Viewfinder. The Top Carry Handle with the Carry Handle Front Riser can be attached as well.

Power directly from the camera battery is provided to four Fischer 3 pin female connectors on the side of the module away from the camera operator. Each power output connector is capable of sustaining a maximum 2 amp load and is protected by a built in self-resetting polyfuse. Connector voltage and pin polarity is engraved on the module for convenience. Battery power enters via a 2 pin Fischer connector at the rear of the module. Power to the module typically arrives from a block battery through a Clairmont style camera power cable with a "Y" block to a 2 pin Fischer "pigtail cable". When using an On Board battery, a "P-Tap" (also known as D-tap) connector to a 2 pin Fischer cable is normally used.

As with all Clairmont Varicam 35 4K accessories, light weight combined with real world structural stability are key design features.

Side Accessory Mounting Plate with 15mm Rod Holder

This is a flat plate populated with 3/8-16 threaded holes throughout. It bolts firmly into existing mounting holes on the Varicam 35 4K adjacent to the side cooling fans, yet does not interfere with critical airflow. Attached to the top edge of the plate is a 15mm Rod Holder clamp to support iris or focus motors. This clamp is attached with two screws and is easily removable if necessary.

Varicam 35 4K Electronic Viewfinder Extender Arm

To facilitate "studio" style configuration of the Varicam 35 4K, an Alexa style EVF Extension bracket is fitted with custom made Panasonic compatible EVF mounting dovetail brackets. This allows the user to position the Varicam 35 4K Electronic Viewfinder toward the rear of the camera.

All of these accessories are also compatible with the Codex V-Raw On-Board-Recorder.