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Main Photo of Moviecam SL MK2
Additional Photo of Moviecam SL MK2
Additional Photo of Moviecam SL MK2
Additional Photo of Moviecam SL MK2
Moviecam SL MK2

Moviecam SL MK2

  • Anamorphic Optics with ST Eyepiece
  • Arricam LT Optics
  • W/A Heater Eyecup
  • MCSL MKII Speed Control Box
  • Carrying Handle
  • MCSL Studio Mag Adapter
  • Arricam ST Ext. Eyepiece
  • Eyepiece Leveling Rod
  • MCC Right Handgrip
  • MCSL Right handgrip Ext.
  • MCC Left Handgrip
  • Shoulder Pad
  • Balance Plate Top and Bottom
  • (2) Rods: Long and Short
  • (2) Arricam Heater Cables
  • (2) 24V Power Cables
  • (2) 24V Batteries with Chargers
  • Case
  • 12 FPS - 40 FPS without speed box
  • 1 FPS - 50 FPS with speed box.

Clairmont introduces the industry's lightest 35mm sync sound camera (22.5 lbs. in Steadicam mode). This versatile 35mm camera has an updated Tri-Perf movement and the ability toeasily change to 4-perf mode. It's adjustable from 1-50 fps (with an external speed box). And at <20 dB it's exceptionally quiet.

Our Moviecam SL MK2 cameras feature an advanced viewfinder block, integrated Movielite with slides, and updated electronics.They come equipped with the new IVS Color Video Assist, as well as an external ramping system.

Clairmont's Moviecam SL MK2 cameras are the only ones of their kind in North America, and we're excited about sharing another amazing tool for the art of cinematography.

  • Low Mode Cage
  • Steadicam 100% Optic and Low Mode Bracket
  • Available in 3 or 4 perf