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Wide Angle

Wide Angle

  T-Stop Min Focus Mount Weight Length Front Dia
6mm Nikkor - Fish Eye 220 angle of view T2.8/22 12" PL 14 lbs 8.5" 238mm
7.5mm Century - Fish Eye T5/22 3' PL 1 lbs 2.75" 80mm
8mm Nikkor - Fish Eye T2.8/22 9" PL 3.5 lbs 6" 120.5mm
9.8mm Kinoptik T2.3/22 8.5" PL 4.25 lbs 5.25" 89mm
10.5mm Optex T2.1/22 6" PL 2.25 lbs 3.5" 120.5mm
12mm Techno T2.1/22 8" PL 4 lbs 4" 155.5mm

The 6mm Nikkor fisheye lens has an amazing 220 degree field of view! This means you could have the tripod and the operators feet in the shot if you so desired while the lens is pointing straight ahead in the normal position! Its T stop ranges from T2.8 to T22 and it has a minimum focus of 9 inches. There is a built in filter wheel giving you a choice of clear, 85, 85 ND.3, 85 ND.6 and 85 ND.9.