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Praxis Pure Reach

Praxis Pure Reach

  T-Stop Min Focus Mount Weight Length Front Dia
Praxis Pure Reach 35" Periscope Relay System T5 Depends on lens PL 15 lbs 35" 4"

Breathing and ramping dependent on the taking lens.

Periscope is PL mount at both ends. Focus and Iris functions are performed by the taking lens. Periscope works in both 90° and straight probe mode. The periscope does not have Focus, Iris or Zoom functions.

Developed by Star Wars Oscar winner Robert Blalack's Praxis Films, the 35 inch long Pure Reach is a T5 diffraction-limited relay lens, designed to be used with either Zeiss Master or Ultra Prime lenses.

The design goal of Pure Reach was a periscope allowing cinematographers to use world class Motion picture lenses without any image quality compromise. Pure Reach delivers 1:1 transparent image quality, equivalent on film to mounting the prime lens directly on the camera. Pure Reach shots inter-cut seamlessly with non-periscope footage. No other periscope employing world-class motion picture prime lenses produces this pristine level of image quality.

Unlike other similar periscopes, the focal length of Master Prime or Ultra Prime is unaffected by Pure Reach. A 24mm lens is delivered to the film or digital sensor as a 24mm, not a 23 or 25mm, as in the case with the few periscopes that relay prime lenses. Center-to-edge illumination and resolution are outstanding, and geometric distortion is imperceptible. Focus and f-stop are controlled at the lens, using standard control mechanisms.

Pure Reach was used extensively for miniature photography on all three Lord of The Rings, as well as King Kong. Putting almost three feet between the camera and the lens, Pure Reach helps the cinematographer wrestling with camera-shadow lighting issues.

Pure Reach is useful for miniature, car, table-top photography, and any periscope shot that requires full resolution, feature film quality images. Pure Reach can be deployed on most cameras, as well as third-party motion control rigs.