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Main Photo of Infin-Probe TS-160
Additional Photo of Infin-Probe TS-160
Additional Photo of Infin-Probe TS-160
Infin-Probe TS-160

Infin-Probe TS-160

  T-Stop Min Focus Mount Weight Length Front Dia Factory Ø
Macro/micro Package includes 3 Objectives
Micro HM variable < 1/2" PL/EF/Nikon/E 11.7 oz 8.68"    
Macro variable < 1/2" PL/EF/Nikon/E 10.5 oz 6.06"    
SFX variable < 1/2" PL/EF/Nikon/E 13.6 oz 9.645"    

Infin-Probe TS-160 Manual

Operation. Using the TS-160 is as natural as "stepping close to get a better look." It is essential to understand that the Variable Iris must be used to monitor image quality.

Because the TS-160 is a microscope and not a “taking” or typical “macro” lens, it’s Variable Iris is analogous to that of a regular laboratory microscope’s in the condenser. Like laboratory microscopes, the are no f/stops to be found-they are not relevant to using the TS-160. The purpose of the Variable Iris is not to control exposure, but to control contrast, resolution and residual aberrations.

Setting the Variable Iris. The TS-160’s internal focusing system allows it to be set for optimal imagery by means of the Variable Iris. Within a reasonable tolerance, microscopes have only one theoretically proper point where contrast and resolution are optimized relative to aperture and working distance. Fortunately, this point is easily seen when a sudden “jump” in contrast happens as the Iris is closed down.