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Clairmont Staff

Here at Clairmont our employees are our greatest asset. We share the same spirit, enthusiasm and committment to provide our customers with the best service possible. We are one family and are proud to be part of the Clairmont Camera team. Please feel free to contact us anytime for we are more than happy to help.


Denny Clairmont
Alan Albert
Senior Executive Vice President
Mardrie Mullen
Executive Vice President
Joston Theney
Marketing Director
Art Criste
Rental Manager
Andree Martin
Vice President Technical Services
Jay Barnett
Tech Supervisor, Camera Repair
Tom Boelens
Vice President Technical Manager
Mike Condon
Vice President Digital Division
Sergio Huerta
Manager HD Department
Brett Reed
Senior Lens Technician
Matthew Covelli
Lens Technician
Scott Gleine
Lens & Camera Technician
Jaymie Bickford
Director of Business Operations
Shane Goodyear
Senior Operations Manager
Tom Eichhorn
Operations Manager
Cathy Palla
Billing Specialist
Kevin Kenney
Billing Specialist
Tim Aldridge
Inventory Manager
Deborah Dyer
Accounts Receivable
Scott Soria
Accounts Payable
Lori Boelens
Accounting Manager
Danny Martinez


Lecily Corbett
Executive Director
Rentals & Client Services
Julian Dewies
Director of Client Services
Rob Meekison
Rental Agent
Jon Johnson
Vice President General Manager
Chris Dalton
Technical Supervisor
Andrew Kierans
Digital Cinema Tech


Stewart Aziz
VP of Marketing Canada
James Piper
General Manager
Mehran Jabbari
Digital Cinema Tech
Chris Jannetta
Senior Technician
Dean Tartaglia
Tech Manager - Film and Digital


Diana Pettersson
Client Services


Neil Ferguson
Director of Client Relations


Brandon Hayward