Clairmont Camera Slogan


Rigs & Accessories
  • Ice Skate
  • Roller Skate
  • Clairmont or Jim Dixon
  • Walk like a Gremlin
  • JC Boxing Rig
  • Cinderella Boxing Rig
  • Mini Doggie Crane
  • Doggie Rig for dry conditions
  • Doggie Rig for wet conditions
Easy Rigs
  • MoVi M15
  • New Freefly Joystick Controller 
  • Cmotion Compact 1 follow focus system
  • 8X MoVI Batteries
  • 2X battery chargers
  • 6X IDX 7s V lock lightweight batteries 
  • Teradek Bolt Pro (w/ 2X Receivers)
  • Small HD AC7
  • Small HD DP4
  • INOVATIV Scout 37 Cart
  • Cinema Oxide C-stand MoVi mount
  • Custom M15 case (gimbal can be put away without adjustment)
  • MoVi Dock

The MoVI is a digital 3-axis gyro-stabilized camera gimbal. Using a combination of inertia, motors, gyros and accelerometers to stabilize the camera's movements, the MoVI can be used with one or two operators to generate smooth footage for almost any shot imaginable. From handheld running to remote head crane work, the MoVI is versatile while remaining small and light weight-- it is even compact enough to be easily handed through a window from one operator to another.

Braces & Grips
Low Modes